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Welcome to our website !

Although all the images in the front page might look randomly chosen, they are not. Actually those are images related to some extend to the projects that our team have been involved in recent years. The experience we have acquired includes plastic injection and die casting mold design and manufacturing, water flow meter design and prototyping, CNC (computer numeric control) machining, electrical control for vehicle alarms, and last but not least renewable energy sources. Noteworthy that most of those projects had been accomplished by team work along with different students and professors from the Mechanical & Electrical Engineering department from KSU and Nantai Universities, as well as companies for water management, and mold design and manufacturing.
Our purpose is to help individual and/or companies to take advantage in new developments and to serve as a connection between the Western and the Asian countries.

NicaraoDev, LLC, a privately held company based in Lincoln, Nebraska, since 2006 with offices in Taiwan and United States.

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